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Pathway Osteoarthritis

Pathway Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a common condition that affects the joints. It is most common in the elderly but has been widely linked to people who are overweight. There is no definitive cure for osteoarthritis, but there are many ways that one can help prevent and treat the condition. By far the easiest of these osteoarthritis treatments is to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

There are varieties of causes of arthritis. Some of its important risk factors are -

1. Women: Women get often affected by the problem of osteoarthritis in comparison to men.
2. Older age: Usually osteoarthritis affects the people of older age.
3. Obesity: Risk of osteoarthritis increases with the increase in weight. So, obese person are at more risk in developing the problem of osteoarthritis.
4. Joint injuries: Sometimes due to sports injury and repetitive stress, due to some occupation also it results into the problem of osteoarthritis.

Usually the symptoms of osteoarthritis begin gradually, but over the period the condition worsen. Though there are varieties of symptoms of osteoarthritis but some of its main symptoms -

1. Aching or stiffness.
2. Growth of bones on the margins of joints.
3. Occurring intermittently.
4. Pain worsens during activity and the condition improves in the rest condition.
5. When the joint is moved, it causes a great sensation.

Pathway Osteoarthritis

Pathway Osteoarthritis Osteoartritis
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