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Pathway Leukemia

Pathway Leukemia

Leukemia is the cancer of the white blood cells. It is also referred to as blood cancer when the white blood cells are abnormally high. It's a kind of cancer that makes the bone marrow produce large number of immature white blood cells that are found in the blood system.

There are two main types of Leukemia, the Acute and the Chronic. When the immature blood gets weight age in the body and it is increased more than the mature blood, it gets converted into Leukemia. In this type an immediate treatment is must as if the blood gets circulated in majority of the parts of body, it becomes difficult to handle the situation and that results into the blocking of bone marrow to produce healthy blood cells. So, the curing should be deadly faster. Also the lymphocytes Leukemia and myelogenous Leukemia are also the other types of this disease.

Leukemia came from the Greek words 'leukos' and 'heima' which refers to excess white blood cells in the blood. This disease was officially diagnosed in Edinburg, 1845 by John Hughes but has been on for centuries. It is a fatal cancer disease that affects children and adults with a very bleak survival rate. When old cells in the body die, they are quickly replaced by new ones but in the case of leukemia, the old cells do not die and new ones are subsequently produced thereby increasing more cells in the body and causing blood cancer.

Causes of Leukemia

There are no visible reasons of Leukemia as such but still artificial ionizing radiation, different type of viruses that cause the blood platelets balancing problem and also the smoking or tobacco habit is the reason of this disease to occur to certain extent.

There are some of the people in whom the maternal-fatal transmission has become the reason for the Leukemia occurrence. Also some of the people are found to have the genetic predisposition as the reason of this disease to happen.

Leukemia Symptoms are difficult to find outer as it is totally internal process. If in any of the reports it is found to have the damage of bone marrow or even the lack of platelets can be the reason of this cancer. Other symptom can be the suppressing or dysfunctional behavior of White Cells in Blood without any reason. Leukemia prevents the immune system so if there are complains of frequent infections or even the tonsils, sores in mouth are felt, diarrhea, pneumonia or even the opportunistic infections are felt than there are bright chances of converting the diseases into Leukemia.

Pathway Leukemia
Pathway Leukemia Pathophysiology
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